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Spend a full day reliving Hollywood's "Jaws" and catching toothy sea beasts often in excess of 10 feet long! We'll head offshore in search of some warmer water and chum until we catch 'em. On these trips, we are serious about finding sharks and we put the time in to do it. There are several shark species right here in the Gulf of Maine. Shark fishing starts in late July and runs into October. Full Day Shark trips are about 8 hours depending on fishing area and sea conditions. We practice catch and release on all shark species. 

These trips are limited to 4 people but a 5th may join for an additional $100.

All Tackle is included.

*Price per trip, not per person

A $200 deposit is required to secure your reservation for this trip.

Porgbeagle Shark Fishing in Maine.jpg

Full Day Shark Fishing 

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